Frequently Asked Questions

Clarke County Parks and Recreation

Where is the event held?

Farm Day is held at Clermont Farm, 151 Clermont Lane in Berryville, VA 22611. The event is held outdoors and spread out over a large area including several historic buildings on the property. Be sure to dress for the weather and wear your comfortable walking shoes.

Where’s the bathroom?

There will be porta-potties (one handicapped-accessible) centrally located on the premises.

What or who does Historic Clermont Farm Day benefit?

The Clermont Foundation and Clarke County Parks and Recreation.  Vendors keep 100% of money from their sales.

Where can I buy tickets?

Pay from your car as you near the parking area ($5/person, kids 12 & under free) at the event, you’ll get your hand stamped. Historic Clermont Farm Day accepts cash, local checks and Credit Cards. We will have more information on credit card acceptance soon.

What should I bring?

Friends and family. A shopping bag for your goodies, money to buy those goodies, a blanket to lay in the “courtyard” and enjoy the music. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended.

How about my pet?

No pets are not allowed at Historic Clermont Farm Day, for the safety of your pet, the live animal exhibits, and the public. Service dogs are allowed on-site.

Where can I get gas/ice/a room for the night?

The quaint town of Berryville is less than a mile from Clermont Farm. Turn left out of the driveway and you’ll be on Main Street where you can find gas, convenience stores, and food.

A great place to stay in Berryville is the Battletown Inn.