April 2021

The Virus and Clermont Farm

To Our Educational Partners, Friends, and Members of the Community,

At the Clermont Foundation we take seriously the trust you place in us and our people as a community educational organization. We are taking every step possible to assist in reducing the spread of the Covid-19 virus and helping to assure the health and safety of people in our community as well as that of our staff, students of every age, and volunteers. We are following the guidance of the CDC, the local Health Department, and our partner organizations, including Virginia Tech and the Clarke County Public Schools.

This is to update you on the steps we are taking.


1. Working with our partner educational organizations (CCPS,VT, Extension Service, etc.), have cancelled all K-12 student classes, university faculty-student events, Extension Service classes and field schools for working farmers, and other planned meetings and events at Clermont. In Fall of 2021 the situation will be re-evaluated with the health authorities and our partner educational organizations.

2. The offices of the Clermont Foundation, which manages Clermont Farm for its owner, the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, will remain open for business but no guests will be received except by appointment for rare business necessity, and no meetings will be held except by phone or digital platform. Meetings of the Foundation's community board of trustees will be re-scheduled and/or held electronically. The current re-building of the Foundation's website will continue, as will in-house development projects and farm activities.

3. Clermont is a production beef cattle and sheep farm, specifically to provide a basis for agricultural education and research, and to preserve the historic 360-acre agricultural landscape which has been in continuous production for 270 years. Like farmers everywhere, we care about the welfare of our animals. We have made extensive back-up provision for the feeding and care of our animals in case of staff illness, and, despite the loss of our barn, for the storage of adequate stockpiled feed and other supplies. All the livestock at Clermont, including the thousands of bees in our Training Yard for Novice Beekeepers (partner educational organization Beekeepers of the Northern Shenandoah), will be well taken care of.

Thank you for your interest and support of Clermont Farm's educational work, and please let us know if you have questions.

Bob Stieg, CEO